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As my gift to you, all Quantum Energy Healing sessions include the Amethyst Bio-Mat
Amethyst Bio-Mat

For Pain & Stress Management

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My name is Dr. Christopher Asandra,


As a full-time physician I have a high paced and sometimes stressful job.  I take pride in helping others but sometimes require help myself.

I have had the pleasure of Carolien working on me several times. This was all done remotely by phone.  She was able to give me insight where some of my issues were stemming from, but more importantly, she was able to remove and clear them.  Blocks that were stopping me from my full potential that I had no awareness of that were impacting my life.  After each session, I felt the heaviness being lifted off me, and physical aches and pain would gradually disappear. My sleep and sense of well-being also improved.  

There has been a noticeable shift and change in the past few months since working with her. I am attracting more positive people and things in my life that are on a higher frequency and vibration, all complementary to who I am. 

If you are looking for an excellent energy healer I would highly recommend Carolien!

Thank you Carolien for sharing your beautiful gift with me.


With much gratitude,

Dr. Christopher Asandra MD

Chief Medical Officer NuMale Medical Centers/NuFemme Rejuvenation Clinics

June 14, 2017


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