Carolien Van Dijk

"Using the Universal Flow of Light"


"I Choose Health, Healing & Happiness"

Born and raised in a small town called Zeist in The Netherlands, Carolien came to the U.S. at the age of 24. Six years later she moved to Hawaii where she still resides today as a single mother of two young girls.  With a lifelong interest in health and wellness, Carolien has been fortunate to appear on covers and pages of various National fitness magazines giving fitness and diet tips. As much as she enjoyed her experience in fitness modeling, she often felt it to be superficial and more concerned with the outter appearance rather than the inner potential of an individual. Carolien knew she wanted to help people on a much deeper level! Many people that came to Carolien for advice about health and diet seemed to have much deeper emotional issues that had manifested themselves into the physical body. Carolien has always been very intuitive and clairvoyant and this information always just came to her as a knowing. This is the part where Carolien's true awakening started and she has been cultivating her strengths in those areas and integrating her clairvoyance and her expertise on health and fitness into her current practice.

Carolien obtained her certificate in Quantum Healing in "The Netherlands" and has been studying and practicing extensively since with much passion and her love for helping others.

Carolien is a multi-dimensional healer and facilitator that works with the frequencies of pure and divine light. She works with the Angelic Realm as well as the Fifth dimension and higher. Carolien works on a very high frequency with pure crystalline light and energy bodies from the higher heart area in order to break up any type of blockages. This could be emotional and/or physical issues, or removal of unwanted cords/cording.

Carolien has made an observation that most of her clients that are having issues in the physical body like aches, pains or even disease(s), have stemmed from something that goes much deeper, and started at one point in time in the emotional body, typically "The Heart Chakra".


Carolien likes to use different sound waves during her healing sessions. While this is very relaxing, it will also stimulate cellular memory to re-balance and harmonize the energy body and field around it. 


As an extra to give each individual client an even more relaxing experience, Carolien uses a different variety of Do-Terra essential oils tuned-in to the clients needs.

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