Working with life force energies to promote health and well being of mind, body and spirit from the inside out.  


Heal. Balance. Restore.



This is a session where we sit down and I will give you an intuitive reading to help guide you regarding issues you might be dealing with. This is included in the full Quantum Healing Session, or can be booked separate for 25 minutes or 45 minutes. *(Remotely, or in office).




Quantum healing is unlimited access to pure light frequencies that is needed for deep clearing so optimum healing can take place. I have the ability to connect to pure divine light source frequencies (also called pure crystalline frequencies) where healing and clearing on a very deep cellular level can occur and where I can get to the very root cause of the issue.  Quantum Healing goes beyond any other types of healing modalities... Like I mentioned in the first paragraph, Unlimited! ☺


While connected to pure light frequencies I am able to disconnect you from unhealthy patterns that might inhibit you from your full potential, and which more than likely have been instilled in you at some point in this life and/or even past live(s).  When these patterns that are often not even ours (unwanted cords) and are connected to us, we are not able to differentiate what is ours and what might be someone else's. This entanglement is where so many issues stem from which can cause so much turmoil in ones life.  From emotional issues, physical illness or pain, to any other lack of abundance in ones life. Quantum healing is reconnecting you back to your divine souls blueprint where there is unlimited access to light...Something that has always been your birthright. 


The pure frequencies that I am able to generate and let flow through me allows me to have access to your divine souls blueprint, and to understand the root cause why you have the suffering in this life. Working on this deep level allows me to have the ability to remove any unwanted (ancestral)cords to clear the root causes where your issues initially started.  I delete these files and fill you back up with pure light frequencies so you can remember who you truly on a cellular level where optimum healing can take place.  This helps awaken your own healing abilities where you then are able to connect back to your own divine spirit and start listening to your own inner-guidance for a more full, and abundant life!  


Some of the many benefits after receiving a Quantum Healing Session with me:

feeling lighter, having more energy, sharper mentally/more clear and focussed (wonderful for people plagued with Alzheimer's, dementia or people that have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD), able to leave the past and/or destructive relationships behind, feel and look more refreshed, able to listen to your own intuition/higher-self much more clearly, more grounded, feeling happier, not worrying as much/in the headspace, becoming more clear of your desires and passion, more clairvoyant, emotional and/or physical issues diminish or might even disappear. 

Scroll down... if you or someone you know is in need of a healing session but does not live near me.


Some of the healing services I offer:


*Intuitive Guidance Sessions


*Getting Rid Of Negative Energies


*Cutting (Unwanted) Soul Contracts


*Akashic Records 


*Assisting With Changes In Ones Life


*Understanding yourself and your life purpose


*Healing physical and emotional pain


*Learning to understand why you have the emotional or physical pain


*Re-alignment and Balancing chakra's 


*Entity removal


*Ancestral clearing/cord removal


*Opening of the third eye


*Decalcification and Re-activation of the Pineal Gland


*Recalibration of the cellular, emotional and physical body 

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Being a highly sensitive person, or having a child that is very sensitive can come with many gifts, as well as many challenges. This may include what we call empaths, or even people that have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, or the Autism Spectrum.  The sensitive individual energetically feels much more then the average person, which makes it very tough for them to differentiate what is their energy, and what is someone else's. Often this can be an enormous challenge in this world that we live in.  From not being able to focus, going to school, work, feeling the need to avoid large crowds, mostly due to picking up other energies that are not their own. 


The auric field of the sensitive individual is often fractured and is less strong and solid. This makes it  where all other energies are much easier to penetrate and effect them, not only on an emotional, but on a physically level as well.  Also, many food items and food additives that do not seems to have a negative impact on others are too much for the sensitive persons digestive system to handle.  This is often the case with the Autism spectrum we see so much more of these days. 


If you are a highly sensitive person (or a parent) that is seeking assistance, I am able to give tools and techniques with intuitive guidance sessions which are usually paired with a quantum healing session(s).  

  • Grounding and Balancing of the emotional & physical body.

  • Better focus & more confidence.

  • Being more in alignment with your true authentic & higher self.

  • Clearing of unwanted energies.

  • Learning to differentiate what is your energy and what is someone else's. 

  • Teaching & tools for grounding to keep the auric field strong.

  •  Tips for better gut health.

  • Clearing environmental & chemical substances from the physical body that cause issues and discomfort or even physical impairment in the body through Quantum Healing.


What is a remote healing session and how does it work? 


To receive a distance healing, you dont have to do anything, just give your complete permission to receive.

This way of working is ideal if: 

  • You don't live nearby or you are not well enough to come to my office.

  • You feel that you need healing and cannot wait for my next available appointment.

  • You have a child who is ill or in distress and is not able to come to me directly for a session. 


You can send me a photograph of yourself or a loved one that is in need of healing and set up an appointment date and time.  We can communicate afterwards at a convenient time chosen by you through phone or Skype where I will fill you in on the remote healing that was done and the information I received. 


I often find that remote sessions are sometimes more beneficial and I am able to heal on a much deeper level.  

Why is that you may ask? 



Subconsciously, we often block the flow of energy with our mind/ego.  Our mind is so extremely powerful that if there is one tiny cell that has doubt, it will block the flow of healing energy coming in.  How often do you have it happen that when you go for a massage, a facial or any other type of relaxing bodywork, you finally become relaxed towards the very end of the session and then the time is up and you wished that you had been able to relax in the beginning as much as you did at the end?!  Our mind often wanders and the ego (mind) takes over. 


It is tough for us as human beings to wrap our heads around the fact that there is no such thing as space and time. In the etheric world, it simply doesn't exist.  As a quantum healer, I am able to work with the energies and can go back as far as your childhood to heal traumas that may have occurred and could be blocking you from moving forward in your current situation and stepping into your personal power.  



Everything around us is made of energy - from our own physical bodies to our cars, homes, office space, land etc.  Just as we need to keep our own energy bodies cleansed and operating at a high frequency or vibration, it is also important to cleanse the spaces around us where we spend most of our time.   Energy can become stale or stagnant and toxic energies from emotional outbursts such as anger and fear can linger in a space.   Discarnate spirits can also inhabit spaces, especially in old houses or on land where traumatic events have occurred.

 I offer a special cleansing & blessing ceremony for your personal spaces, whether it be your home, car, office or land. I will fully cleanse the space and then purify & bless it with Love, Joy, Peace & Happiness.   

My home and business clearing combines a thorough energetic cleansing with powerful techniques to repair the energy field, aligning it with the most harmonious energy flow. 

Blocked energy within a home or business can cause: 

  • Fatigue

  • Lack of energy

  • Mental and emotional stress

  • Conflict or lack of harmony in relationships

  • Sleep disorders

  • Ongoing health issues

  • Negative thinking or forgetfulness

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Business problems or lack of prosperity in a home

  • Blockages in creativity


After a clearing session my clients report:



  • A much lighter, harmonious feeling in their homes or businesses

  • Improvements in the relationships between them and others in their property

  • An increase in prosperity

  • Less anxiety

  • A feeling of being more relaxed

  • Reduced stress

  • Better sleep 

  • focus and better mental clarity  

  • pets are more calm



* Balances blood sugar  

* Improves lymphatic flow

* Prevents cancer cells from growing

* Promotes deep sleep

* Burns Calories

* Strengthens Heart

* Increases Circulation

* Increases Cellular Activation

* Removes Toxins

* Boosts Energy

* Strengthens Immune System

* Decreases Free Radicals

* Relieves pain & much more   

The Bio-mat is filled with 30 lb's of pure Amethyst Crystals that hold incredible healing properties and has negative ions as well as infrared rays. warmth of the infrared rays and the nurturing feel of the negative ions from the Bio-mat makes it for an even more soothing and relaxing experience while deeply penetrating into the bodies tissue for optimum healing. 


The Biomat For Pain And Stress Management!

The Biomat uses remote computer frequencies that generate far infrared lightwaves and negative ions and is filled throughout with Amethyst crystals and Termuline. The natural heat and negative ions are conducted through the crystal bed via its high-tech messaging system.


* Bio-mat is FDA Approved

* Strengthens immune system 

* Eases joint pain

* Reduces inflammation

* Supports detoxification 

* Relieves stress and fatigue


For Body Balance

* Sooths Nervous System 

* Strengthens Colon & Liver

* Improves Memory Skills

* Regulates Intenstinal Flora

* Reduces Inflammation


For Positive Effects

* Increases Serotonin Levels

* Alleviates Allergies

* Minimizes Migraines 

* Subdues Sinus Problems


A High-Speed Healing Frequency

* Induces Sleep

* Sports Injury Recovery

* Relieves Anxiety

* Decreases Blood Pressure

* Accident Recuperation

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